Currently I’m still a student but can write basic code for languages such as C++, Python, Kotlin, Etc and can do basic game design in Unreal Engine 4/5, Unity, and Godot.

I have a decent understanding of working with blender for 3d modeling and animating, and a more rudimentary knowledge of working with Maya, Daz3d, and most if not all Cad Programs.

I’m also rather familiar with the majority of Adobes creative cloud kit and have a working knowledge of Photoshop, Lightroom, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, and After Effects.

In a less specific sense, I have an ingrained, almost instinctual need to be perpetually polite, and can generally get along with most types of groups or in most work environments, my personality being very adaptable to fit the atmosphere of a workplace.

And finally as a more niche benefit, not only do I have the ability to work the odd hours that most do not want, but I also genuinely prefer nighttime hours, meaning I can easily be made to be available when most others would not be, perfect for any potential client or employer who wants things done outside of the normal office hours.