Grand Grail Faire Handout

This was a handout for a fictional renaissance fair made in Illustrator.

Ufotable Business card

front and back of a Ufotable card started in illustrator and finished in InDesign. The companie’s name comes from the fact that they found a table that looked like a UFO decided it would be necessary to include that imagery here in this unofficial business card. its designed do that you see the “t’ being lifted off the ground by a green light and when you flip the card over it’d reveal a UFO abducting it.

The Soda Can

A soda can modeled in blender with the texture being made in photoshop. the model itself had to look this way per instructions but the texture was inspired by coke cans.

Flask Game Battle UI Concept

The battle UI I made a concept for in photoshop for a game I one day hope to make called flask. the game features a body transformation mechanic and since I wanted minimal graphics, needed a UI that could go over what body parts creatures could randomly have and also reflect what the players got going on with their own body. overall the UI screen is meant to resemble the outline of a butterfly to reflect the theme of transformation the different colors on the action bar(the middle one) is meant to reflect the type of action it is.

Baby Storse Fish

A Photoshop combination of a starfish, a baby and seahorse.

Devil’s Bite Dice

A packaging design for a novelty set of loaded dive, made in photoshop.

Dinkery Logo

A logo for a pickleball facility made in illustrator, made in line with client request.

Ufotable Logo

A logo design for Ufotable made in Illustrator.